What are others saying about Dust: An Elysian Tail?
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Videos / Podcasts

  • Area5 Hands-On (Sep 22, '09)

    CO-OP Episode 214 features a segment on the Dream.Build.Play finalists at the Penny-Arcade Expo 2009. Roughly four minutes in.


  • Kotaku Article (Aug 5, '09)

    "Dust: An Elysian Tail, an entry in Microsoft's XNA Dream Build Play competition, is not only the best looking video game we've seen from the contest, it might be the best looking downloadable Xbox 360 title ever."

  • Giant Bomb Article (Aug 5, '09)

    "...this game certainly looks beautiful, much in the style of Odin's Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade."

  • Pixelated Geek Hands-On (Sep 5, '09)

    "The visuals strike a chord with that part of my inner-child that calls for childish fantasy."

  • GameGirl Article (Aug 6, '09)

    "Not only does this look like an incredible independent game, the fact that it's all put together by one man is mind blowing. This is definitely an XNA title that everyone should keep their eyes on."

  • Boing Boing Offworld Article (Aug 6, '09)

    "Dust: An Elysian Tail...has learned its 2D brawler lessons well, and is easily one of the most techno/visually stunning showings to come out of a single-man studio."

  • Blend Games Article (Aug 6, '09)

    "Itís one thing that the game has a mellow approach to a grand adventure and told through fully animated, high-definition visuals, but itís another thing when the game is accompanied by a very moving soundtrack and atmospheric effects. That lets you know that the creative designers really know how to hit all the right notes in creating a masterpiece."

  • TIG Source Article (Aug 6, '09)

    "...it looks pretty damn exciting, with special note of course going towards the animation which just makes everthing look wonderful..."

  • Warp 9 Gaming Article (Aug 5, '09)

    "There isn't anything else to say about ... Dust: An Elysian Tail other than WOW."

  • WouldYouKindly.com Article (Aug 6, '09)

    "...this game looks so amazing I canít even believe its going to come in as an XNA game."

  • All About The Games Article (Aug 8, '09)

    "Putting most Xbox Live Arcade titles to shame, it's astounding to note that this is actually a game from the ... Indie section of the Marketplace."

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